Representation of phases of mourning in media: anger


Frustration, irritation, anxiety

Remember me (2010) -this movie takes place in New York City, where a young male character played by Robert Pattinson has to deal with his brother’s suicide. His brother worked in their father’s office when he committed suicide, therefore he blames his father for the death, accusing him of driving his brother into burnout. The relashionship between father and son is based on anger, partially containing the projection of guilt for not having helped his brother by acknowledging his suffering.

The whale (2022) – The Whale, a 2022 film directed by Darren Aronofsky, tells the story of Charlie, a severely obese weighing 270 kilos, who has been spending his life within four walls since the death of his partner. A sense of oppression and claustrophobia permeates the whole story: slowly you enter the protagonist’s dark house, on tiptoe, until you find yourself immersed in all the feelings of the various characters. We find ourselves experiencing empathetically anger, sense of guilt; but also, loneliness, the desire to make up for lost time with loved ones, regret for unspoken words and sincerity which we can no longer do without.

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