Representation of phases of mourning in media: depression


Overwhelmed, helplessness, hostility, flight

Dead Poets Society (1989) -Dead Poets Society is a 1989 film directed by Peter Weir and starring Robin Williams. The film tells the story of a teacher, with particular and stimulating teaching methods, who is transferred to a school for wealthy kids. In his class there are particularly culturally lively boys and among these there is Neil Perry, a boy who has family problems, especially with his father. When Neil decides to attend a theatre course, his father expresses his disagreement, without hearing replies, and at last presents Neil with what he has decided for his son’s future. Of course this plan does not include theatre, and Neil eventually decides to commit suicide, feeling entrapped because he cannot have what he wants. After this fact, the school institute opens an investigation and the blame for Neil’s suicide falls on Professor Keating and his too liberal teaching methods, inciting the students to go beyond ordinary life.


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