Work in Progress

Homicide Suicide Systematic Review

Despite the rate of combined homicide-suicides, or extended suicide, is lower than those of suicide and homicide alone, homicide-suicide is a phenomenon which generates much public concern and elicits media interest.

A thorough understanding of the topic from a psychiatric and cultural standpoint, beyond the commonplace reported by media, should be achieved with the involvement of the scientific community.

As you might remember, in the last section meeting we had in Florence during the last EPA Congress, we discussed about the project of a review about homicide-suicide.

The research group is currently involving (in alphabetical order) Justin Brophy, Diego De La Vega, Lucas Giner, Nicolas Hoertel, Debora Marangon, Mihai Pirlog, Armin Schmidtke, Angela Velasco and is coordinated by Carla Gramaglia, Pilar Saiz, and Patrizia Zeppegno.

The current status of this project is the following:

  1. Screening of the available literature according to titles and abstracts; assignment of full-texts: completed;
  2. Development of the PRISMA flowchart: still missing the data about the screening of the full-texts;
  3. Screening and tabulation of full-texts: ongoing;
  4. Further check of the availability of some full-texts: ongoing. Hopefully, by the end of the year the currently ongoing work will be completed, and the deadlines for the preparation of a preliminary draft of a paper will be scheduled.

We hope that this experience of coworking involving several Section members will be fruitful and will open the way to further opportunities of research and scientific collaboration.