EPA 2021

List of Section’s activities

Online Education in Suicide Prevention in the Field of Higher Education in Europe

Chairs: N. Kapusta, Austria; A. Baran, Sweden


  • Why Is It Important to Involve People with Lived Experience in the Development of the Educational
    Programs in Suicide Prevention? (M. Stensmark, Sweden)
  • A Review on International E-learning Programs in Suicide Prevention (N. Kapusta, Austria)
  • Focus Group Interview as a Research Method in the Development of the E-learning in Suicide Prevention
    for Students in Poland (A. Kwiatkowska, Poland)
  • What Have we Learned from Focus Group Interviews and Surveys During the ELLIPSE-project in
    Hungary? (K. Indries, Hungary; K. Oriold, Hungary)
  • French Experiences with the Online Courses on Suicidal Behaviour, Their Main Features, Requests of
    Participants and the Opportunities to Foster Suicide Prevention (J. Lopez-Castroman, France)
  • The Opportunities and Challenges of Working with the Development of the ELLIPSE-project Before,
    During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic (A. Baran, Sweden)

(Assisted) Suicide in the Elderly (in collaboration with the Section on Old Age Psychiatry)

Chairs: G. Stoppe, Switzerland; D. De Leo, Australia


  • Suicide in the Very Old (D. De Leo, Australia)
  • Rational Suicide in the Elderly (P. Zeppegno, Italy)
  • Clinical Management of Late Life Depression and Suicidality in the Oldest-old (M. Stek, Netherlands)
  • What Interventions Work for Suicide Prevention? And Do They Work for the Elderly? (C. Van der
    Feltz-Cornelis, United Kingdom)
  • Media and Suicidal Behaviour (U. Hegerl, Germany)

Social Distancing and Suicide in COVID-19 Age

Chairs: P. Courtet, France; D. Wasserman, Sweden


  • How COVID-19 Related Psycho-social Stressors Affect Longevity (D. Moser, Switzerland)
  • Suicidal Ideation on the Early COVID-19 Pandemic and Lockdown in General Population in Spain (P. Saiz,
  • Impact of Confinement Measures in Patients Suffering from Mood Disorders (E. Olie, France)
  • Swedish Perspectives and Ethical Discussion (D. Wasserman, Sweden)

Suicidal Risk in Bipolar Patients: Vulnerability and Mediators?

Chairs: E. Olie, France; B. Etain, France


  • Prevalence and Correlates of Suicidal Behaviour in Adolescents with Bipolar Disorder (S. Romero, Spain)
  • Links Between Childhood Maltreatment and Suicide Risk in Bipolar Disorders: Direct or Indirect? (B.
    Etain, France)
  • What is Special About Suicidal Depression? (P. Courtet, France)
  • Risk Factors for Suicidal Behaviours in Late-onset Bipolar Disorder (A. Lengvenyte, France)