EPA Suicidology section’s meeting

Monday 27th at 4:30, Room 123M 

1.Introduction and short summary of past and future activities (10 minutes):

– Welcome (Philippe Courtet)

– MOOC and Summer school (Emilie Olie and Jorge Lopez-Castroman)

– Delphi study (Aisté Lengvenytė)

– New website (Aisté Lengvenytė, Patrizia Zeppegno / Carla Gramaglia) 

2. Election

3. Task force on National Helplines (45 min) :

– Introduction (Philippe Courtet)

– Brief review of helplines in Europe (Miriam Iosue)

– French national helplines (Lucie SHARKEY PLANTIN)

– Spain complementary numbers: 024, Esperanza and 061-emergencies (Diego J. Palao)

– Discussion of future activities


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