Scientific News and Reading Suggestions #18

Recently on BMJ it has been published a free meta-analysis and systematic review about job-related stressors and suicidality (Milner et al, 2018), a very interesting topic. Job stressors are widely acknowledged as determinants of common mental health disorders, and in literature there are several works about their correlation with suicidality. The paper by Milner and coworkers offers an overview of what is known in the literature about this topic.

LINKPsychosocial job stressors and suicidality: a meta-analysis and systematic review

Regarding job stressors and suicidality, it is known that physicians have an increased risk to die by suicide; it is quite difficult to estimate with accuracy the phenomenon, but it seems that approximately 300-400 physicians die every year for suicide, a doctor a day. Medical profession is one of the occupations with the highest risk of death by suicide.

The Washington Post recently published the article “What I’ve learned from my tally of 757 doctor suicides”, written by a family physician who, in addition to her daily work, is committed in suicide prevention. She reports about  an “uncomfortable” topic for discussion, the problem of suicide among physicians, trying to summarize the main findings collected during many years of practice.

LINKWhat I’ve learned from my tally of 757 doctor suicides

Among physycians, psychiatrist have to face with people who attempt suicide nearly every day. On Jama Psychiatry has been recently published an interesting issue by N. P. Morris, a medical doctor working at the Department of Psychiatry in Stanford University; the text is a reflection on psychiatrists daily activities and feelings, in particular when they are called to face with patients who made suicide attempts or self-harm.

LINKWhen Mind Deforms Body

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